Sicco Mansholt


Louis van Gasteren and Joke Meerman

23 min. Trailer







This documentary is a shorter version of the documentary on the life of Sicco Mansholt, Overstag (Tack, Virer de bord) and shows his crystal clear views on the agiricultural policy of the European Union. (

In 1958 Sicco Mansholt became the first European Commissioner of Agriculture of the EEC. In 1972 he was elected chairman of the European Commission.

This special documentary contains Mansholts statements on the creation of a European Agricultural Policy and later also on the need for change of the CAP towards a policy that incorporated environmental demands as he was impressed by the report of the Club of Rome.

Louis van Gasteren was befriended with Mansholt and interviewed him on film throughout his career in Brussels. This film may be basic in understanding the European Agricultural Policy.

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